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Join Us!

     * Come and try one of the hottest hobbies for women!  Whether you sing high, low

      or in-between, we’d love to meet you – all ages and voice ranges welcome.

       No singing experience or music-reading ability required. *

Free Workshops

     We hold regular free workshops to give singers a taste of what we do.  You'll learn some of the basics of a cappella singing, work out which voice part suits you best and experience singing a new song in four-part harmony.


     New singers are welcome to join us at any time, however,  You can attend three rehearsals free of charge before deciding whether to join us or not.


     We rehearse on Monday evenings, 7.30 to 9.15pm, at:

The Church Hall

The Church of Christ the Redeemer*

Newmarket Road


   CB5 8RS  


*See map on the Contact Us page

*Plenty of parking space*

Who can come?

     If you are aged 16 or over and sing in our vocal range, you can be a potential member.  Members under the age of 26 pay a reduced subscription fee and there is no upper age limit.  A reduced subscription fee is also available in case of financial hardship.


What to wear?

     Wear comfortable clothes and flat shoes as we spend most of our rehearsals on our feet.  Seating is always available for anyone who needs it, at any time.


What to bring?

     It is a good idea to bring a bottle of water as singing can be thirsty work.


Where does your voice fit in?

  • If you have a mid-range voice and like to sing the tune, or melody, of a song – you may well be a LEAD.

  • If you prefer to sing low (you may have been told you can’t sing, or you might sing with the men in a traditional mixed choir) - you will be especially welcome as a BASS.

  • If your voice is high and light - you will probably be a TENOR.

  • If you have a mid-range voice and like to harmonise, or if you have sung alto – you could try singing BARITONE.


The Section Leaders and Musical Director will decide where your voice is best placed within the chorus to ensure we maintain an appropriately balanced sound.


How do we learn the songs?

     Songs are taught with the help of sheet music and audio resources, i.e. CDs or mp3 files, so much of the learning can be done at home, in between rehearsals. The more time you put into practising at home, the more fun we can have in rehearsals. We also spend some time in rehearsals teaching and learning new songs, often working in sections before putting all the parts back together.

      Our repertoire is quite large, and all songs are committed to memory, so it does take time for new members to learn them. But we know this - and we were all new members once!   Your section leader will give you lots of support as you learn, and everyone in the chorus will be helpful and encouraging.


Becoming a member

     As soon as you decide you would like to become a member and start paying your subscription, we'll give you access to the members' section of the website so you can print off sheet music and download audio files.

     Contact us for more information or just turn up at the start of a rehearsal. You are welcome to watch, but we usually like to get visitors joining in as soon as possible - so be prepared to do some singing!

Our Constitution can be found here.


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